How to hard reset ACER Iconia Tab W500

Resetting your Acer W500 tablet Boot from recovery discs

Booting your tablet
There are three ways to boot your tablet:

1 Quick boot: Press the power button; no external USB keyboard support before Windows boots; always boots from the SSD; overrides BIOS settings.

2 Normal boot: Simultaneously press the power button and the Windows key; supports USB keyboard, <F2> and <F12> hotkeys; this boot sequence is used if Windows shuts down abnormally or after making changes to BIOS.

Boot from recovery discsPress the power button, Windows key, and volume up key simultaneously. Use this if you need to restore your operating system to factory defaults from the supplied recovery discs.

Key functions for boot menus
For menus displayed before Windows boots:
Windows key: Select the highlighted menu option.
Volume up/down: Move the cursor up or down.

Recovering your Acer Iconia W500 system

Your computer was shipped with a set of recovery DVDs that contains the
system recovery information. While the tablet is turned off, plug in an external
DVD drive, insert the first disc into the DVD drive. Press the Windows key,
volume up key, and power button simultaneously to turn on the system. Follow
the onscreen instructions to complete the recovery process.
You will be reminded to remove the discs from the drive before your computer

There is a way to restore the Tablet without using the CDs, it worked for my Iconia Tab W500, to do so, follow the steps:

1. Important: Please note that it may not work! Ideally, you should use the CDs!
2. Use ImgBurn to create an ISO image of Recovery CD 1
3. Now create the image of Recovery CD 2
4. Format the USB in FAT32, (USB data will be lost)
5. Unzip the files of the ISO CD 1 into the USB (you can use 7Zip to do so)
6. Unzip CD 2 into the USB overwriting all existing files
7. You should have a USB of the size of the two CD 2 if not, something went wrong.
8. Open the file Restore.dat
9. Change the line DiscNumber=2 to DiscNumber=1, save changes.
10. Insert the USB on the tablet
11. When it starts press F2, and in the BIOS select the USB as the Boot Device
12. Save and exit
13. recovery should start without asking for the CDs

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