How to hard reset ACER Liquid Express E320

Acer Liquid E320 Express hard reset

ACER Liquid A1 S100 hard reset

Resetting your Acer Liquid Express E320

Restoring Acer E320N to factory settings
You may perform a clean boot to restore your smartphone to the factory settings.

Note: Before performing a clean boot, ensure that your smartphone is not locked. Press
any key or tap the screen to see if the phone responds.
Warning! You should only perform a clean boot when all other options have failed to
restore your smartphone to an operational state.
Warning! This will erase all your personal information, any contacts stored on your
phone and any programs you installed.
If your phone is responding to screen input, then open Settings from the Applications menu. Tap Privacy > Factory data reset; click Reset phone and then Erase everything to format your phone.
After a certain number of wrong entries, you will be presented with an option to reset your pattern. Tap Forgot pattern? and enter your
google account username and password.
Note: You must have an active Google account on the smartphone.

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